Why I’m NOT Giving to National Public Radio

Southern California’s public radio station, KPCC-FM (89.3), is in the midst of an on-air fund raising drive.  I won’t be contributing, and here’s why:

kpccDuring the past election campaign, KPCC repeatedly refused to give air time on it’s talk shows (in particular, Larry Mantle’s Air Talk and the Patt Morrison show) to Democratic candidates in Orange County who were challenging Republican incumbents.  At the same time, Orange County Republican Representative John Campbell (48th CD) was featured several times on KPCC, explaining and defending his vote in favor of the massive federal bailout of financial institutions.

No one on KPCC questioned Campbell on the incongruity of his vote in favor of giving billions of dollars to financial institutions, while consistently voting against nearly every other expenditure of federal funds, including funds for a local desalinization plant and for veterans’ benefits.

Nor did KPCC permit Campbell’s Democratic opponent, Steve Young, who was against the bailout, to respond to Campbell.  Instead, KPCC insisted that before Young got any airtime, he would have to prove to KPCC that his candidacy was in a position to unseat Campbell.  Of course, it is more difficult to unseat an incumbent when only the incumbent gets free access to the public airwaves.

Since KPCC has shown that it is no friend of Democrats and progressives in Orange County, I will not be contributing to its fund raising campaign.

I also suggest that other Democrats and progressives in Orange County give their money to causes and organizations that are more responsive and even-handed.


4 responses to “Why I’m NOT Giving to National Public Radio

  1. I didn’t know that about KPCC. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Argh. As a KPCC member, I’m distressed to hear about their treatment of Steve Young. I hope someone from the station reads this post. In fact, I’ve a good mind to email them the link.

  3. Thanks, Derek.

    I don’t think the problem with KPCC is about ideology so much as it is about arrogance (and wanting to associate themselves with the powerful, which favors incumbants) — and I’ve heard that many other NPR stations are the same.

    Btw, I enjoy reading your blog too.

  4. Thanks Michael. I hope to give you more to read soon.

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