Will the Republicans Suspend the Election?

I don’t want to be paranoid, but isn’t suspending the presidential election campaign because of a crisis perilously close to suspending the election?

mccain-nopeWe’ve had presidential elections – and bitterly fought presidential election campaigns – during times of far worse crisis: 1800 (during the Quasi-War with France), 1812 (war with England), 1864 (the Civil War), 1944 (the Second World War), 1952 (the Korean War), 1968 (the Vietnam War), and 1972 (the Vietnam War).

No candidate suggested during these elections that the presidential campaign should be suspended because of the crisis facing the nation.

My fear is that if McCain – now with the Bush-Cheney administration’s endorsement — gets away with “suspending” the election campaign because of the financial crisis, it is just a step toward suspending the election itself.

The Democrats, and the media, need to hammer McCain on this unprecedented stratagem, and hammer him hard.


2 responses to “Will the Republicans Suspend the Election?

  1. We are very close to some very big trouble.

    I’m Canadian.

    We are in an election as well. The conservative govt. here broke it’s own election rules in order to call the election.

    At that time my radar didn’t like what was going on.

    With McCain not attending the debate my radar is on full alert.

    Be ready for the other shoe to drop.

    Enjoy the day!

    The ones coming up are going to be very interesting.

  2. What the politicians haven’t made clear to the public and what the public doesn’t want to think about is that this is a much bigger crisis than anything you mention, which happen to be all wars. They have repeatedly said this is the worse economic crisis the WORLD has seen, not just the U.s. This is worse than the Great Depression, because so many countries have huge investments here. But the common man won’t care until we can’t get cellphone service, buy gas for our SUVs, and eat out four times a week. The bailout plan is the government playing with monopoly money to delay the inevitable. Greed on Wall Street and in Washington (both Democrat and Republican) has screwed the country.

    No one can suspend the election. If he suspends the campaign until the election, he just doesn’t campaign. The election goes on with or without him. One candidate doesn’t decide whether or not we get to elect a President.

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