McCain Gives Himself the Admiral’s Star He Never Earned

There’s plenty of evidence that John McCain retired from the Navy in 1981 at the rank of captain (0-6, equivalent to an Army colonel), in part because he knew that, with his extremely problematic service record, he would never be promoted to admiral, the rank held by both his father and grandfather.

Unlike them, he would never get to wear an admiral’s silver star on his shoulder.

But now McCain has given himself the star that the Navy would not.


The main logo of the McCain campaign features a silver colored star above the name “McCain.”

The star in the McCain logo is the exact same star worn by a rear admiral (0-7) in the U.S. Navy.

usn_rdml1Now John McCain can finally feel that he has made his father and grandfather proud.

Like them, he has his star.

Even though it’s made of paper.

And he gave it to himself.


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